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1 yaoi manga : only the rin finger knows

#1: Yaoi manga
Only The Ring Finger Knows (Manga) by Satoru Kannagi & Hotaru Odagiri

**The cover SAYS Yaoi Series however, I thinks its more along the lines of Shounen-ai since Wataru and Yuichi don't have sex. =3=;**

Back Cover Summary: IT'S THE ULTIMATE EXPRESSION OF LOVE - to wear matching rings with your significant other, showing the world that you are a couple.

High school student, Wataru Fujii, also wears one though he's single. When he accidentlly switches rings with popular and handsome senior, Yuichi Kazuki, they discover that their rings pair up!

Since then, Kazuki, who is known for being kind to all becomes strangely harsh to Wataru. They alternate between hot and cold, as in between clashes they begin to sort their feelings for one another. Are Wataru and Kazuki the worst of enemies or are they actually soulmates?

200+ Pages
Romance/Drama (some humor too)
English Translated Manga
Rated: YA (For Young Adults 16+)
Condition: Great / Still has Colored slip Cover

Price: $5.00 USD

USA: $6.20 USD [2 - 3 day priority shipping]
International: $8.00 USD [within 1 business week]


USD funds only, paypal preferred
Tags: yaoi
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